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What are my payment options?

We accept Visa, MasterCard as well as PayPal payments. Unfortunately, bank transfer is not supported.


How long does it take to ship Ambronite to the US and Europe?

Estimated time of delivery is 2-3 business days in the mainland US. Shipping in Europe takes around 3-7 days. In Finland 2 business days. Outside mainland US & EU: 7-14 business days.

Where my Ambronite is shipped from?

All orders coming from the US and Canada are processed by our warehouse in Chicago. All orders coming from Europe and the rest of the world are shipped from our warehouse in Finland. Please note that local customs fees may apply for orders coming outside of the EU and the US.

Where does Ambronite ship?

There are no borders for Ambronite. We ship internationally no matter where you are. Local customs fees may apply for orders coming outside of the EU and the US.

What are the shipping costs?

In Europe, shipping costs vary between $15-45 (12-40€). We also offer a FedEx option to most locations. Shipping to the US and Canada is $9.90. Local customs fees may apply for orders coming outside of the EU and the US.

We offer free international shipping for orders of 4 x 10 packs and more.

Why are the shipping costs so high?

We ship Ambronite with trusted, high quality logistics services to get your Supermeals to you in prime condition. We offer a choice of standard shipping and a FedEx option for most locations.

We are working hard to reduce the shipping costs in future.

What should I do if my order hasn't been delivered yet?

You can find your estimated delivery date in your Order Confirmation email. Please allow until this date for your order to arrive. It's also worth checking if there are any local delays in your area.

You will be able to follow your order if it’s been sent with a trackable service. To check this, all you need to do is go to and type in your tracking code. If the status shows that your parcel reached the country of destination, your order has been sent with your local postal service and will be trackable though


Is it possible to fully replace my diet with Ambronite?

Ambronite was designed to fulfill daily nutrition recommendations according to North American and Scandinavian standards. In theory, this is possible, but we strongly discourage anybody to eat only Ambronite for a prolonged period of time.

That said, our own team eats Ambronite meals every day. Also, we know people, who have maintained two-week Ambronite-only diets and felt fine.

However, we do think it is important for everyone to share dinners with their friends and families, just for the sake of the social experience. To conclude, Ambronite is a great meal once or twice a day, but fully replacing your diet with Ambronite is discouraged.

When should I enjoy an Ambronite meal?

When you're in hurry and want to have a healthy meal that takes hunger away for 4-5 hours in no time, Ambronite is the perfect way to boost your day. Ambronite is the perfect lunch, your backup meal in your workplace desk drawer, backpack or purse, or a go-to fast meal when leaving the office for other activities. To many of our fans, Ambronite is their favorite breakfast.

What temperature should the water Ambronite is mixed in be?

The colder the better.

How satiable is one Ambronite meal? Do you feel full after having it?

Ambronite satisfies hunger for hours and definitely fills you up. It's packed with healthy steady-release energy and helps your blood sugar levels stay stable. One Ambronite meal contains 500 kcal with a hefty 30 grams of protein and 12 grams of dietary fiber. Even a larger dude will feel satiated. That being said, Ambronite doesn’t make you feel bloated, as pizza or pasta do. Instead, most of our fans say they don’t get a sugar crash, brain fog or sleepiness.


What are the optimal storage conditions for an Ambronite package?

Room temperature or a bit below, in the dark and away from direct sunlight.

How long does an Ambronite package stay edible when unopened?

An Ambronite package is made out of a high barrier three layer laminate material that preserves the nutrients and taste. If you place your order now, the best before date of the Ambronite v5 meals is 20th July 2017. (If you order previous Ambronite v4 the best before date is 31st Dec, 2016)

How long does an Ambronite package stay edible after opening? (before preparing)

Ambronite is packaged in one-meal portions, so most of the time you won’t need to store an open Ambronite package at all. If you like to have a snack/breakfast size Ambronite, the other half stays edible for at least two weeks, when stored outside of direct sunlight and in or below room temperature.

How long does an Ambronite meal stay edible when prepared?

Ambronite is a meal on the go. However if you want to save your meal for later, we recommend to consume it within the same day.


Have you considered developing a product line without nuts?

Quite a few people have asked this question. Unfortunately, current version of Ambronite contains nuts. We're sorry! It is very difficult to replace nuts with anything else powdered, when you need to have a natural real-food ingredient source for fatty acids, taking into account an optimal amino acid profile.

How much sugar is there in Ambronite Supermeal v5?

One Ambronite version 5 500kcal supermeal contains 15 grams of sugar from agave, bilberries, sea-buckthorn berries, oats and greens, of which 8g is fructose. The new Supermeal V5 has the same amount and breakdown of sugar in one 500kcal meal as one small apple, while containing 2.5x more healthy fiber than a cup of cooked oatmeal.

The previous version (v4) had 5 grams of sugars which made the taste very natural and not sweet at all. Some people actually described the taste savory. We got plenty of feedback to make Ambronite taste sweeter and smoother. We noticed that many of our customers mixed honey, agave or maple syrup or sugary juices to their Ambronite, effectively making a meal contain 15g or more sugar.

This lead us to research how we can make Ambronite taste more delicious, a bit sweeter and have a fresher berry twist in the taste, without being overly sweet. We went through every sweetener you can think of. To name a few, we tested coconut sugar, xylitol, rice syrup and stevia in our lab. The verdict was simply that none of these could bring the desired sweetness with a clean, natural taste. Other ingredients, like the greens and veggies, in Ambronite are nutrient dense and rich in their own taste. Most sweeteners simply didn't work.

After testing numerous different ingredients, we concluded that organic Agave syrup powder was the best fit. Agave syrup made of agave nectar worked great with our pure green ingredients and had a desired effect to the taste, even when putting in very moderate amounts. We added about 1.5 teaspoons of agave syrup into 500kcal meal. In addition to agave, the sugar comes from fruit, berries, oats, almonds.

The new Supermeal V5 has the same amount of sugar and fructose in one 500kcal meal as one small apple, and simultaneously contains 2.5x more fiber than in a cup of cooked oatmeal.

Do-it-yourself Ambronite: Would be amazing if you could just tell me the proportions!

We have disclosed all the ingredients we use in Ambronite on our website and on the product label, along with detailed nutritional facts. The actual proportions of each ingredient is our own intellectual property.

Where do you source your ingredients?

We source our organic ingredients from several locations, based on quality and availability. Source countries and other information about the ingredients we use in Ambronite can be found here.

Is Ambronite dairy-free?


Is Ambronite gluten free?

None of the ingredients in Ambronite naturally contain gluten. However, our oat supplier processes other grains including wheat in the same facility, so there is a risk of trace amount of gluten through cross-contamination. Thus, we don’t recommend Ambronite for celiacs.

Why is the nutrition labeling different in the one-meal package vs. website?

There are few different reference tables that are used. This gets a bit complicated for people outside of nutrition industry, but here we go:

Nutrition values on our website are based on RDA published by FDA. We have also accounted Nordic Nutrition Recommendations (NNR). On the other hand, the labeling on the actual one-meal package needs to comply with Daily Values (DV) that is required by FDA in the United States. These values differ regarding some nutrients (for e.g. biotin). FDA occassionally updates Daily Values recommendations, although the processes are quite long. We use RDA, Nordic Nutrition Recommendations and European Dietary Reference Values in the recipe development of Ambronite. References: NNR and DRV

Heavy metals and iron content

One Ambronite meal contains 8.75 mg of iron and most of the iron in the recipe comes from oats, rice protein and sea-algae. Even if you drink four Ambronite meals per day, the total amount of dietary iron would still be below the daily upper limit of 45mg set by Institute of Medicine.

Some of our very early recipes had higher iron content. The recipe has been improved and this issue is fixed. If you placed order after Feb/2015 (orders shipped from batch 2 onwards), there is nothing to worry about. The recipe has been improved and we’ve tested the iron content.

For more information about heavy metals content in Ambronite look here.


What does Ambronite taste like?

The main palate consists of oats and nuts, with a hint of herbs and berries - the taste is quite earthy and mixes well with water or your favourite smoothie recipe. We haven’t used any additional sugar, artificial sweeteners or flavours, so you can expect to taste the real, raw ingredients.

Why Ambronite is more expensive than other meal replacements?

Our philosophy is to create the best, most complete food of the future that makes you thrive for people who are pushing the limits of human capability, not necessarily surviving on the cheap. Our users around the world are not people who think about life through minimizing the cost of staying alive, but cool people who do pretty much whatever they want to and are redefining the limits of what is humanly possible, from crossing oceans to climbing mountains, traveling around the world, raising a family, completing Ironman triathlons, creating art, music, companies - building cool and meaningful stuff.

Of course, we realise that affordability is a factor in an everyday product and we're working hard to be able to offer Ambronite at better pricing. We're working on ways to be able to offer Ambronite at even better prices, starting from our new, more compact packaging to our subscription plan with a permanent 15% off, starting from 10 supermeals a month for just 7,60€ / $8 a meal, which is way less than any healthy lunch of comparable ingredients and nutrition, at the same price or less than a Big Mac meal in McDonald's.

I would like to know more about proteins and amino acids in Ambronite

Main protein or amino acid source in Ambronite is rice protein complemented with amino acids from oats, almonds and coconut. Overall, we have a relatively high amount of protein (30g) in one Ambronite meal to make sure there are enough bioavailable amino-acids for an average active person. RDA for protein is 0.8-1.0g / kg that would translate to 15-20g of protein per meal. Regarding the specific amino acids, our main protein source - brown rice protein - has lower lysine content (around 3.4%) than non-plant sources such as meat, eggs or whey, but it is rich in amino acid methionine. However, oat protein has a higher ratio of lysine (around 6.8%) close to the ratio of pea protein. Four Ambronite meals contain approximately 4.6 grams of lysine and 1.6 grams of methionine whereas an average 70kg (or 155lbs) person would need 2.1 of lysine and 1.1 grams of methionine per day according to WHO present estimates

I would like to know more about vitamins and minerals in Ambronite?

Vitamin B12 in the Drinkable Supermeal is in the form of cyanocobalamin and is bind in the nutritional yeast. It is not a blending of yeast and vitamins but the yeast is fermented in the B12 rich media and yeast takes up the B12 in its framework. Cyanocobalamin is widely used bio-available form of Vitamin B12.

The powerful nutritional yeast also is the source for Vitamin D along with super-algae Chlorella. The Vitamin D is in the form of ergocalciferol-D2.

In addition to chlorella Ambronite Supermeal contains another blue-green algae called spirulina which is one of the most nutritionally broad foods on the planet. It is a rich source of Vitamin A and several B-group vitamins as well as many other important micronutrients and enzymes. Green plant superfoods like spinach and nettle are important source of calcium and Vitamin K while wild berries add Vitamin C and antioxidants among other vitamins and minerals.

Read more about the ingredients and nutrition here

What are the nutritional values of Ambronite?

If you are an existing customer you can find the nutritional values on the back of each Ambronite pack. If you haven't tried Ambronite yet, you can find more information about our nutritional values here.

Does California Proposition 65 apply to Ambronite?

California Proposition 65.

All Ambronite products are quality tested for potential contaminants and heavy metals. The quality testing conducted with an independent third-party laboratory show that the heavy metal content in Ambronite complies with EFSA standards and is not toxic as reference to the scientific opinion of European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Our manufacturing facility is FDA-registered and follows current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). Ambronite is manufactured in accordance with EFSA product safety standards. Because heavy metals occur in the environment both naturally and due to human activity, it is impossible to avoid them completely.

Proposition 65, a California law enacted in 1986, requires that a warning is provided in situations where someone could be exposed to one of more than 800 listed chemicals or heavy metals above a limit established by the law. These limits are much more strict than those set by the FDA and EFSA, and the warning requirements of California Proposition 65 law are controversial. Nevertheless, Ambronite contains small amounts of heavy metals that are included on the Proposition 65 list, so the following warning must be provided:

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Heavy metals are omnipresent in the environment and trace amounts are present in nearly all types of food. Even drinking water contains trace amounts of lead and cadmium. In 2014, the Food and Drug Administration published a five-year study of heavy metals in grocery store items where it shows that most of the general grocery items contain small amounts of arsenic, cadmium or lead. However based on the aforesaid we do not recommend Ambronite for pregnant women

Is the Ambronite shaker bottle EA and BPA free?

Ambronite shaker bottles are made of Tritan (TM) plastic which is a safe food grade, EA, AA and BPA free material tested by the manufacturer using an independent third-party test lab. Eastman’s Tritan material is also approved by the FDA to be safe to use in contact with food or drink. If you wish, please check Eastman Tritan Safety Attributes here

Where can I buy Ambronite shaker bottle?

You can buy Ambronite shaker here


What are the benefits of placing a monthly Ambronite subscription?

When you subscribe, we’ll deliver your Ambronite Supermeals to your doorstep monthly, and you’ll save 15% every time. You’ll save time and money, and you can rest assured that you’ll always have your Ambronite Supermeals at hand when you need them. All subscriptions are 100% risk free, and you’re free to modify the order amount or cancel at any time.

How do I purchase a monthly subscription?

To get a monthly subscription please go here and hit Subscribe button, then follow the instructions. If you need further assistance, contact our customer support. We are happy to help and welcome you to join the Drinkable Meal Revolution!

What if I want to try Ambronite?

If you'd just like to try one Ambronite meal, you can purchase it here. Free shipping in EU.

Didn't find the answer? You are welcome to reach us at [email protected]. We are also active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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