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You can tell a lot about someone from how and what they eat.

Some people are happy to compromise on things. Cold pizza at the desk, instant noodles on the trail – if it’s calories of any kind, it’s pretty much OK.

Others don’t compromise. Why would they? They want everything. Speed, convenience, wellbeing, efficiency. From their meals, from their lifestyle, and from life itself.

At Ambronite, we’re in the second camp. That’s why we spent two years experimenting in our kitchen, perfecting a drinkable supermeal that helps you get more from life, too.

Ambronite is uncompromising. It’s clean, lean convenience. Each serve gives you 5 hours of sustained energy, nutritionally balanced, with zero trickery on flavour.

Most importantly, Ambronite is whole. It’s berries, nuts, seeds and greens, dried and milled and portioned. Because the way we see it, chemicals are compromises.

You’ve evolved to run on real-food fuel, so why would you settle for a lab imitation?

You wouldn’t, quite simply. Because, like us, you respect your body. You expect 100% from yourself, and the world. You don’t live your life like half a person. You won’t shrink yourself to fit expectations, or compromise your dreams like so many do.

You are what you eat. So you eat what you are.

Simo Suoheimo
Co-founder at Ambronite

The supermeal, to help you live to the fullest.

Ambronite is your unfair advantage
Enjoy Ambronite and stay focused & sharp
Enjoy Ambronite in your outdoor adventures and while hiking
Ari Huusela - Ocean racer
Ambronite and shaker outdoors
Real Food - The basis of Ambronite's Philosophy

From the beginning, we've wanted to comprehensively cover the needs for all nutrients in our recipe.

Real food ingredients are the only way to make sure we can cover also essential nutrients that are not completely understood or remain to be discovered by nutritional science.

Listen to Christian Mueller from the Department of Medicine at University of Erlangen to understand more.

Christian Mueller - Ambronite R&D advisor

M.D. Christian Mueller
Ambronite R&D advisor
University of Erlangen, Germany
Department of Medicine

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Ambronite team
Ambronite Team
Mikko Ikola

Mikko Ikola


  • Area: Business Development
  • Sports: Crossfit + Jogging
  • Favorite recipe: Ambronite with honey
Simo Suoheimo

Simo Suoheimo


  • Area: Marketing
  • Sports: Climbing + trekking
  • Favorite recipe: Ambronite with berries
Arno Paula

Arno Paula


  • Area: R&D + operations
  • Sports: Triathlon Ironman
  • Favorite recipe: Ambronite with curry
Valerie Vlasenko

Valerie Vlasenko

Community manager

  • Area: Social Media
  • Sports: Aerial dance
  • Favorite recipe: Ambronite with coconut
Pessi Peura

Pessi Peura


  • Area: Fairs and events
  • Sports: Soccer and fishing
  • Favorite recipe: Ambronite with banana
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