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Ben Greenfielf

"As a global traveler and busy man, I’m intrigued with something that delivers all your nutrients in one shot and is easy to transport. I recently experimented with Ambronite for 14 days in a row and felt fantastic the whole time."

Ben Greenfield, Voted the #1 Personal Trainer in the US. New York Times Bestselling Author
Rajdeep Gahir

"I enjoy Ambronite during busy mornings. It feels wholesome and stops my stomach rumbling. I appreciate Ambronite's nutritional values and awesome natural ingredients. My favorite recipe is Ambronite with coconut water and blueberries"

Rajdeep Gahir, International Expansion Lead at WeWork
Jon Åslund

"I'm always optimizing my time and want to spend more time on things I like. With cooking, you always spend more time on preparing food than actually eating it, and you need to eat, everyday. Ambronite solves this problem. It gives me plenty of time for doing the things I love. "

: Jon Åslund, Software Developer at Spotify
Tiina Vainio

"Ambronite gives me the energy to live my dream. As an entrepreneur and fitness instructor I need the best food in the world. Ambronite is a drinkable supermeal, unlike any meal replacement I've tried before. It makes me feel good and I love it!”

Tiina Vainio, CEO and Founder of Saunayoga

Want more time, choice and freedom?

Ambronite meal replacement shake - Ingredients

Ambronite is a real food drinkable meal that contains 100% of everything. It fulfills daily nutrition guidelines with healthy ingredients in 2 minutes.

Ambronite gives you more productive hours every week. It's more than a meal replacement shake - that's why we call it a drinkable supermeal.

Using Ambronite is easy

1. Add Ambronite

1. Add Ambronite

2. Add cold water

2. Add cold water

3. Shake

3. Shake

4. Get refuelled

4. Get refuelled

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