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Free meal pack - 4 x 165 kcal meals + Shaker

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Good meal replacement

This definitely tastes more natural that other meal replacement shakes, it´s more like a green smoothy. I feel good after eating it, don´t get the normal after meal sleepiness. They are great to have at the office. A bit too expensive. Like other people I ordered big bags and got my order in little bags which is not practical and seems like a waste.

Daily dose

Excellent always!

Better than I hoped

My son has been using Soylent for about a year now, so I was familiar with the concept of Ambronite and excited to try something made from whole foods that I could offer to my son as an occasional alternative to Soylent. I decided to try it first and I was pleasantly surprised by the berry aroma when I opened the bag. The taste is not what I would call delicious, but it is mild and I think the aroma really helps. Long story short, my son still hasn't tried it, but I was so impressed by the energy I had after drinking it and how good I felt that I've gone through several bags and started a more intensive exercise regimen. I have struggled with low blood sugar my whole life and I haven't had one episode since I started drinking Ambronite. I'm thrilled with how good I feel!

Not great

The first drink I had was fine. It was the plain flavor. The taste was okay - not exactly delicious, but it was fine - and I did feel somehwat cleansed and energetic afterwards… though I now think that might have been something of a placebo effect since I didn’t feel the same after drinking other flavors. Which reminds me, the plain flavor drink was far and away the best. My main complaint with the drink is that there’s an awful lot of yucky gritty stuff at the bottom of the drink, even if you use double the amount of recommended water to dilute (which I did and recommend). At this point, I don’t see me buying any more of this any time soon.

Why single packages when I order 4x bulk packages

My subscription has remained the same- 4x bulk packages, one of each flavour. Lately I have been receiving 1 bulk and multiple single-packets, or all single packets. This is a pretty decent waste of packaging and not great for the environment.