Alena Nutriciously

Alena Nutriciously


Alena and Lars is a young couple behind Nutriciously. They are enthusiastic about healthy eating and living. Their love for fresh food, good music, travelling, independence, and positive thinking has brought them together and inspired them to build a website aimed at spreading the message of health and wellbeing. Alena is sharing her story and Ambronite experience.

1. Our lifestyle. We've been eating a natural plant-based diet for 5 years now and started out being vegetarians when we were little kids. Avoiding meat and fish comes very natural to us. One day we decided to step up the game and become healthier and more conscious by cutting out all other animal products as well. Raw foods caught our attention pretty soon after that, since it's a well-known fact that they have incredible nutrition value and healing properties. To get the best out of both worlds, we enjoy cooked and raw vegan foods. Other than that, we live a very minimalistic life and own only a handful of things on purpose. We value personal development, relationships, and experiences above all material possessions. Therefore, we like to be out and about, travel different countries and cities - when we're not busy working on our website where we offer people guidance on their health journey.

2. Personal motivation. We have healed countless ailments through the power of natural whole foods, especially raw food. If it hadn't been for this lifestyle and diet change, we'd still be those chubby, lethargic, and unmotivated people we used to be. I am beyond grateful our past selves had the courage to turn their habits around and start being proactive - life is meant to be fully lived and enjoyed, so nothing physical or mental should hold us back. Having a strong foundation enables us to follow our passion for making music, travelling, and playing tennis. It also motivated us about health-related topics and share our knowledge.

3. Learning experience. Human beings are beyond powerful when it comes to creating the life of their dreams. I used to be nearly suicidal and utterly, deeply broken. Changing my own mindset and nourishing myself on every level has turned my life upside down - even though my circumstances didn't change initially. The unconditional support of a few friends and my own willpower was enough to get me out of this dark place, as well as being consistent and surrounding myself with uplifting, motivational stuff.

4. Using Ambronite. Since we are two young entrepreneurs and students, our schedule is crazy busy. Our website is all about a healthy, natural diet - something we wouldn't want to compromise even when we barely have time in between writing, planning, studying, and keeping the house together. We love that Ambronite combines great nutrition with convenience - leaving us full and nourishing us while we're working on our projects. The taste and thick texture are a plus!

5. Afterword. Get your priorities in order - you cannot function properly without having great fuel. If you're too busy preparing elaborate meals, plan and cook ahead of time or blend a nice smoothie. Your health is always your biggest treasure, don't compromise it if something more important seems to come up. Trying Ambronite was a great experience for us and we would recommend it to anyone!

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