Neil McNab


Neil McNab

McNab Snowboarding

Neil McNab is a host of finalist placings in Snowboard World Cup. He has won 11 individual British Snowboard Championship titles and is one of the only Professional snowboarders to hold both the (ISIA/ISTD) Ski and Snowboard Teachers and (UIAGM) High Mountain Guides diplomas, that qualify him to teach and guide in the high mountains anywhere in the World

- How would you describe your lifestyle?

I am a professional snowboarder, skier and climber, a practicing yogi and an addicted surfer. My lifestyle is active, busy, exciting and rewarding. I work in the mountains as a UIAGM Mountain Guide, my specialty is backcountry freeride snowboarding in the winter and and climbing in the summer. I believe in quality of life, strive to make everyday count and not to waste a single moment.

- What is your personal motivation? Is there any nice hobby, great achievement or individual experience you want to share with others?

Quality of life is my main motivator. I want to be the best version of me that I possibly can. I want to inspire others to follow their dreams and to live better healthier lives. I believe that the lessons we learn while snowboarding and climbing up in the high mountains can add great value to our daily lives. Through my backcountry snowboard guiding company I lead people out into the mountains in search of the ultimate ride. We learn to respect and love our environment, to challenge ourselves and overcome our fears and that leads us to understand the true quality of life.

I love what I do on a daily basis: snowboarding, climbing mountains, yoga, surfing both mountains and the sea, and this passion has taken me all around the world and lead me through my life to where I am today.

- What is the best learning experience in your life?

I listen, watch and learn from the mountains everyday. My time among the peaks also teaches me to assess my personal values and helps me to improve on a daily basis. Yoga has also taught me to appreciate what I have and to strive for more as I practice everyday. However, the biggest lessons in life and my best experiences happen at home with my wife and kids who motivate me to be the best I can be.

- How, when, where do you use Ambronite – how does it fit your lifestyle?

In my day-to-day life I try to get all my essential vitamins and nutrition from natural sources, such as nuts, seeds, fruit and veg. In the past I have taken supplements for various ailments, painful joints, etc. But today, at 47 years old, through a good natural diet and daily yoga practice, I am supplement free and in the best health I’ve ever been in.

I take pride in my health and pay attention to how I fuel my body. If natural sources are available them I’ll always choose them. However, I also occasionally lead expeditions, to far flung corners of the globe, where having fresh food is often impossible or highly unpractical and in these cases I rely on Ambronite to get me through.

Ambronite gives me the energy, protein and nutrients that my body needs when I am off the grid and hiking in the wilderness to distant summits and first descents.

There are many supplements out there, but in my opinion, Ambronite is a super meal that really leads the way. I will be taking Ambronite on splitboard expeditions to both northern Norway and the isolated east coast of Greenland this spring.

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