Saija Nisula

Saija Nisula

Remember, it's all about passion!

My lifestyle is active, sporty, urban and of course ecological. I choose my groceries carefully, try to get around on my bike more often than in my car. And I see my personal trainer every week - sometimes, more often than my kids. And, not to mention, I am in the field of culture - which took some big steps and changes on my part.

My ikigai is to make someone happy each day and to enjoy someone’s company. It might be a total stranger, my husband, my kids, my workmates, myself - or somebody else.

In terms of achievements though, for me, it’s running. Since I'm not that young chick anymore, I realized that if I ever want to run, it's about time to start learning.I’d never done it before, but now, with the help of my personal trainer and Ambronite: I've started running! It’s amazing! Maybe by the time I turn 60 I'll do my first marathon. But before that, one step in time, heading towards the 10K!

Food and nutrition have a very important role in my life nowadays. For the past three years, I've made a super-smoothie nearly every morning, have followed a meal rhythm and started to avoid white sugar and white flour. I grow some of the herbs and veggies myself, collect nettles etc. And I'm a beekeeper. Yes, honey has an important role in my diet as well. As a result, I get sick less than before, I have more energy than at the age of 30 or 40 and even look better!

I use Ambronite as a snack before or after my gym and as a lunch during busy working days, especially when there's no chance to go out to eat. Saves me from Snickers and Mars and other stuff like that.

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