MD Chris McCarthy

 MD Chris McCarthy

“I just finished a 5-year orthopedic residency. Before that I worked as a night-time ER doctor in New York City for 3 years. Between the night shifts and 100-120 hour weeks of residency I put on close to 50 pounds! This was mainly thanks to the lack of sleep, no exercise and eating on-the-go junk food.

After only having Ambronite for 10 days, I am proud and happy to say that I’ve already lost 10 pounds! I have 2 packs a day - that’s breakfast and lunch - plus I sip it throughout the day. Then, I have a healthy dinner each night. I don't feel hungry, I don't have wild glucose swings and the cravings that come with them, and I plan on going strong until all the weight is off! While I don’t plan on having this diet forever, I see this as a lifestyle change that is absolutely perfect for my needs, especially in the long-term.

Operations can take hours. Since I work at an abuse trauma hospital, I often have to keep operating all night, when the cafeteria is closed. Normally, there are only a few minutes between surgical cases. Having Ambronite saves me from raiding the vending machines as I have done for the past 5 years and eating chips or candy bars. It also has the added benefit of preventing the mid-surgery glucose crash that often happens with those sugary foods.

Orthopedics is a second career for me. For 4 years prior, I worked as an emergency doctor. As someone who worked in EMS and has completed two medial residencies, I would wholeheartedly recommend this to healthcare workers of all types, particularly doctors and residents, who do not get breaks or time to sit down and eat due to grueling work hours.

I need a meal replacement product that is portable and doesn’t require much prep. Most meal replacements on the market are made with artificial components and are less nutritious than real food. Ambronite, with it’s healthy real ingredients, is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Normally, l just have my Ambronite in cold water with 2 packets of Stevia. I love it! But I really look forward to exploring some fun recipes in the future."


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