Christofer Johnsson - Guitarist and founding member of Therion



1. Could you please state who you are, and what you do?

I'm a 45 year old music artist. I've toured around 50 countries and have released over 20 albums with various bands. I'm about to release the 16:th with my main band Therion.

2. For what use-case / problem did you first use Ambronite? Did it solve that problem, how?

As a pure emergency food. I've been a vegetarian for 20 years and in my job I fly a lot. Especially in Latin America where they often don't offer vegetarian alternatives. Another problem is when you are flying so early that the hotels hasn't started serving breakfast when you need to go. So you go up at 5 in the morning (after maybe 4-5 hour sleep), spend an hour in a shuttle to the airport, has to first wait to get music equipment checked in before you can do anything else. Then it's like 7 and you're starved - just to find out they don't have anything without meat to offer.

It's also a problem when you're 2 months on tour. One place don't know what the other one is cooking, so I sometimes face having the same type of food 5-6 days in a row. And sometimes there's just bad food and you're stuck in a backstage before a show with no time to go somewhere else and get food.

Over the years I've been surviving on candy and bread for long periods on tour. So when I came across Ambronite I signed up for it even before it was released. A healthy food replacement that brilliantly solved all my issues. Not only do I get food instead of candy, it's even healthier than most of the regular food I'm served!

3. How do you like your Ambronite? What time of the day, where, as a drink or mixing it up? Why like this?

With the original (wich was not yet perfected tastewise) version I made smoothies with fruit juice to drink. With the two latest versions I drink it pure, I don't see any reason complicating things now when it actually taste great.

4. How did you discover Ambronite?

By pure coincidence on internet. It was just before it was to be launched and I googled something else and found the Ambronite page.

5. How has Ambronite helped you with your lifestyle and everyday life?

It has enabled me to have a healthy and fast food alternative no matter where I am. No more living on candy bars and bread!

6. Could you tell us about a concrete, particular moment / experience when Ambronite has provided you with great value?

Honestly, there must be at least 10-12 occasions where I would have had a bunch of totally miserable hours a head of me and Ambronite saved the day. Airplanes, airports, ferries, backstage, in the tour bus etc. It's a standard item on my packing list no matter where I go these days. I also bring it when I drive far when I'm off duty. No more dodgy highway restaurant food these days. But I have a special occasion recently. I had to do dental surgery to remove a very nasty wisdom tooth. I was ordered not to eat and only drink for 2 days. Normally that's a real pain in the ass - with Ambronite it was not. :)

7. To who do you recommend Ambronite, and to what kind of situations / what problem does it solve?

I think especially for musicians and stage crew this is an exceptionally good food innovation, that can provide both flexibility and a healthier alternative.

I also think it's great for people who are not eating healthy because they are too lazy to cook. If they replace one of their unhealthy cooked meals per day with Ambronite, they can eat a sleezy burger or a pizza for the second meal and still provide the body with all stuff it needs.

8. Greatest benefit with Ambronite?

That it's healthy and taste good. There are all sorts of meal replacement bars and powders for dieting or a quick meal, but I never came across any of them that has been proven to be healthy. Or tasting good. No one in their right might would get the idea it would be a good thing living out of those quick meal bars you find in most stores. But if your plane crashed in the middle of nowhere and all you had was a stream of water and a big box of Ambronite bags, you'd actually be healthier surviving on that for a month than what 90% of the people in western countries eat.

The other thing is the taste and afterward feeling. When the iPhone came, it wasn't anything revolutionary in terms of technology. It was how it was put together and designed that made it groundbreaking and changed our lives. The Apple team hated their phones and wanted to create something they loved. That's how real innovation is born.

It's the same with Ambronite. When I read the list of contents, there's no secret plant that only grows on Easter Islands in it. The concept with meal replacing powders existed already, but I guess the Ambronite team wanted something that didn't make them feel sick after drinking it and something that didn't contain a lot of aspartame and crap. The result was "the iPhone of meal replacements", something you can replace regular meals with for real and (with time) even tasting really good without any chemicals or artificials.

9. How did Ambronite change your life? If you compare your before Ambronite- and after Ambronite state?

If I'm gonna make a list of the innovations that have changed my life most as a musician (in timeline order):

    1. Mobile phones
    2. Lap tops
    3. Internet
    4. Digital audio recording
    5. Ambronite

Often it's not such a big deal when new things arrives - but with time they become a very essential part of your lifestyle. Ambronite is the only thing I can think of that isn't a technology that has effected me that way.

10. Have you noticed a difference in your body/how it feels after starting to use Ambronite?

When I first read comments published by Ambronite users on how it "gives them energy" and such catchy statements I was thinking "Yeah right. You're endorsed, so of course you need to write something like that". I've always been open minded to new things, but also a very down to earth sceptic about new Hallelujah-methods people claim is the latest in health science. I eat a bag of Ambronite and besides not feeling as full and lazy after a meal, the immediate difference isn't ground breaking. Improving your health and well being though what you eat is a long term transformation. it's not some instant effect like when you drink alcohol and all of a studden feel great.

But when I started to use it on a regular basis for periods, I actually discovered those advertising statement weren't just pretty talk. I seriously feel a noticeable increase of well being when I use it often. Probabaly because it's something you drink and is so easy for the body to break down. And because it contains a lot of stuff that sometimes is hard to get enough of as a vegetarian. Like B12, Vitamin D and Omega 3.

11. Favourite superhero? (Can be someone you know, an idol of yours, or an "traditional" superhero such as Thor/Spiderman)..

Steve Jobs (R.I.P.).

12. Favourite Flavor ? Why do you like it the most?

I like the plain taste one. With the change to coconut sugar to sweeten it, I feel the taste got totally right for me.

13. If Ambronite was a music instrument, which one would it be and why?.. :D

I could never pick one instrument. To me the perfect blend of the ingredients is like a symphonic orchestra all playing together in perfect harmony.

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