Restaurant Day: this is where it all started

Arno Paula, Miika Perä, Mikko Ikola, Tapio Melgin, Simo Suoheimo and Karoliina Heikkilä

Restaurant Day is great concept originally invented in Helsinki, Finland and now spread all around the world - a food festival where anyone can open a pop-up restaurant for a day. There's been hundreds of pop-up restaurants opened in Helsinki during restaurant days and tens of thousands of people have enjoyed the festival's good food and great vibe. 

We had started to experiment with our recipes of a new type of a complete, 100%-RDA drinkable meal just few months before. None of us could find a product that would fit our high expectations, so we had to invent one ourselves. Restaurant Day on 18th May 2013 was the perfect day to see what others would think of our drinkable meals.

The day was sunny and we had set up shop in a central location on Pohjoinen Rautatienkatu, in the heart of the Helsinki city center. The attention we received took us by surprise. In 6 hours we were completely sold out - over 200 customers came by to try some of our three variations of the drink, with many enthusiasts trying all three tastes.

A few days after Restaurant Day we sat down with the team and decided to go all-in: We would make healthy eating as easy as breathing. We would research, develop and craft the world's first, best, no-compromise Organic Drinkable Meals that would fulfill daily nutrition recommendations, simplify our fans' lives and make our innovation available to a wider audience in the near future.

As we set out on our journey to simplify organic food, the real adventure of Ambronite was just about to begin!

- Mikko

Mikko Ikola
Mikko Ikola


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