Why We Love Slush

November 19, 2015

Last week in Helsinki was pretty crazy – our calendars and to-dos were densely packed with meetings, events and other activities for Slush, the largest two-day startup conference in Nordic countries. Slush is the focal point for entrepreneurs and tech talent to meet with top-tier international investors, executives and media.

This year we put together an Ambronite pop-up shop and served over 700 samples and sold tens of Ambronite boxes. We also served an upgraded Ambronite lunch at the Junction Hackathon, a side event of Slush organized for designers and hackers working on solving real-world problems. Ambronite participated for the third time, and we believe, there will be more in future.

So, why do we love Slush?

1) Slush helps companies to make a name for themselves.

No matter whether you are an early-stage startup, a larger enterprise conquering new customers or just looking for a job in a fast-paced company, at Slush your name will be exposed to over 14,000 people and more than 700 media representatives. Don’t miss the chance to tell them who you are and what you are awesome at. Slush has given rise to many companies. In fact, Ambronite launched its pilot product at Slush 2013, which makes it a very special event for us.

2) Slush connects you with cool people

The event brings together startups, entrepreneurs, techies, international investors, large corporations and media from around the world. Slush builds up a globally-known concentration of technology that attracts know-how and capital from around the world. A variety of side events allows the attendees to meet each other in an informal setting and continue building a relationship at the meetings. Last year, Slush hosted over 3,800 pre-booked meetings with investors, media and potential corporate partners.

3) Slush exudes positive vibes

Slush is a lifetime experience according to Wang Jian, CTO of Alibaba Group. We agree. The venue is transformed into an almost-tech village with four stages, streets with exhibitors from 74 countries, a virtual reality corner, steampunk decorations, and then, it also turns into a night-club during after serious event are done. The audience is curious, friendly, hungry for new ideas and passionate about what they are doing. Slush is much more than just another business/IT conference, it’s an adventure that combines passion and thrive.

7 Life-Improving Gifts for Christmas

November 16, 2015

Christmas is approaching, which means you’ll soon be overwhelmed by last minute deals and the search for gifts for your family, friends and colleagues. Let us save you time and mental energy by sharing our top 7 ideas for life-improving Christmas presents.

Here's our list:

1. A Yoga course to keep you balanced. 30-50 €

Different types of yoga create different experiences for the body and mind. No matter which type of yoga you chose, regular practice will give you a physical and mental edge, make you more patient and greatly contribute to a stronger, more flexible body. Here are a few options to choose from:

-Yoogaia is live online yoga studio where you can chose from the variety of instructors from all over the world, and practices like classic yoga, pilates, core and barre classes. All classes on Yoogaia are personally guided through your own web cam but you can also watch the recording any time, whenever you feel like training. 

-Your local yoga studio. You most likely have a friend who does or has done yoga at some point somewhere. Ask around for a good place and instructor, or simply look up Google maps for the closest yoga studio. Check the reviews, and if it looks good, go ahead and get a gift card or membership!

2. Beddit & EmFit sleep trackers for sleep control. 150-250 €

Sleep quality directly impacts our daily performance. These sleep trackers are easy to install and use and help understand and improve sleep. They are placed under the bed sheet so you won’t even notice them.

-Beddit helps you understand how you sleep by recording your average respiration rate, total sleep time, time to fall asleep and sleep efficiency. It can also send your sleep data to your iHealth app. 

-Emfit is a sleep monitor with heart rate variability, indicating the status of your nervous system, recovery status, and even micro-movements while you are sleeping. The method they measure sleep with is the same as in sleep laboratories. It provides sleep tracking solutions for different needs: athletes and families as well as caregivers, industries and researchers. 

3. A Mini-trampoline to stay healthy at the office. 140-400 €

This is our favorite office hack, next to kettle bells and standing desks. It is the fastest (and most fun!) way to refresh your body and mind, since rebounding exercises increase blood flow in the brain. Plus one can torch up to 160 calories in half an hour of jumping on a mini-trampoline. Get one at your local sports store.

4. A Spotify gift card to have your favorite music with you. 10 €

Besides an extensive database of 30 million songs, Spotify also gives access to podcasts and video content. You can explore your friends’ music choices and be the first one to hear the newest songs from your favorite artist. In addition, Spotify works pretty much on every device you can imagine - computers, mobile phones, tablets, home entertainment systems, cars, gaming consoles and more. 

5. A GoPro Hero4 Session Camera to capture the best moments. 300 €

A GoPro is a must-have for world travellers, adrenaline junkies and anyone on the move. Their newest HERO4 Session is super small and works with only one button - perfect for watersports and the outdoors! They also have a massive selection of mounts and accessories from surfing to skydiving. 

6. A Life changing experience to discover something new. Priceless

This gift is up to you and your imagination. It also largely depends on the person to whom you are giving it, as you might know best what the person dreams of.  Nevertheless, here are some ideas that to spark some of your own:

-Tickets to the Burning Man, the biggest gathering dedicated to community, art and creative self-expression. This summer I gave mine to our co-founder Arno. As a true ironman athlete he managed to combine Burning Man with a Half-Dome Yosemite hike. Nothing made me happier than seeing his happy face on photos from that trip. Keep in mind that Burning Man starts ticket sales in the wintertime. 

-Wind-tube skydiving or parachute jumping. Let’s face it, not all of us have the guts to go and jump off a plane with a parachute. But if it's a gift from someone, you simply have no other choice but to give it a try. If it feels like too much or you are not ready to commit to such an adrenaline-packed experience, you can also go for something less extreme like wind-tube diving, amusement park tickets or a floatation tank.

7. Ambronite to stay healthy and save time to do things you love. 55-89 €

Ambronite is an energizing, body-fuelling Supermeal made of 18 organic, high-quality ingredients that keeps hunger at bay for 4-5 hours. It has everything your body needs and fulfils nutrition recommendations for all nutrients. It fits naturally in any type of lifestyle. A busy professional will find it useful when she has no time to go out for lunch, while world travellers and athletes can stay fuelled, focused and at their peak performance on the go with ease. Ambronite is a coveted gift for anyone you know who is busy and appreciates excellent ingredients in a convenient package. You can even fill in your friend's shipping address, and we'll take care of the rest, no matter where in the world she is. Order Ambronite for Christmas and help a loved one supercharge their day!

Ambronite raises $600,000 of funding, lead by YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim and Lifeline Ventures

September 30, 2015

We're thrilled and grateful to announce that Ambronite has closed a $600,000 funding round from Silicon Valley & European investors.

The funding round is lead by YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim and Lifeline Ventures. It's an honor to take the Drinkable Supermeal revolution to the next stage with dedicated people like Medical Doctor PhD Leena Niemistö, previous Red Bull executive Alberto Carrero, Silicon Valley angel investor Dan Bragiel and other experienced serial entrepreneur masterminds who share our mission to help people thrive and live life to the fullest.

Our team has been working hard to pursue our common mission and it's fantastic to have a dedicated group of experienced investors joining our cause. Big thanks to everyone for being part of our awesome journey so far. There's lots of exciting, hard work ahead of us and the best is yet to come!

PS. Here's a Drinkable Supermeal toast to you from our Gorilla Team in green. To celebrate, we're giving $10 off of all orders today with the code EAGERTOTRY.  Welcome to the jungle!

Biohacking your lunch with Ambronite

September 29, 2015

What are the hottest trends in the wellbeing sector? How does new technology help us achieve better results in work and daily life? What can we anticipate from the future of AI, wearables and implants?

We explored the answers to these questions at the Biohacker Summit event organized on 24 September. Biohacking is the art and science of optimizing your body, mind, and performance with systems thinking, biology, and technology. Biohacker Summit is the focal point for learning faster, performing better, living longer, and enjoying more what you wake up for every day. 

The event connected health technology companies, health and wellbeing experts, coaches and other enthusiasts who want to upgrade their lives.

Speakers list included leading experts in biohacking, digital health, transhumanism like health and fitness star Ben Greenfield (USA); transhumanism guru and cryonics advocate Max More (USA); the man who cured himself of Crohn’s disease, and writer, Ari Meisel (USA); Singularity University’s robotics and artificial intelligence authority Nell Watson (BEL); double implantee and RFID chip implant inventor Amal Graafstra (USA); long-time self-quantification researcher Cathal Gurrin (IRL) and more.

The main event preceded Hacking the Brain workshop organized together with GE Healthcare with the main focus on latest scientific advances in understanding of the brain. The program also included wild foraging trip, smoked sauna experience, and art performances by internationally recognized butoh dancer Ken Mai, Tuvan throat singer Imre Peemot and contemporary artists Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand followed by the After party with acro yoga performances, audiovisual acts and upgraded cocktails.

Biohacker Summit gathered over 30 companies including us. Ambronite offered lunch to 450 attendees from over 20 countries, and the Biohacker Summit crew. We had 3 shakes on the menu - blueberry, apple and pure Ambronite. Considering the amount of health-oriented and tech-minded people in the audience the meals went out pretty fast.





Ambronite at Demos Helsinki

September 12, 2015

Remember Ray Bradbury’s A Sound of Thunder: “Step on a mouse and you leave your print, like a Grand Canyon, across Eternity.” Interrupting any of the natural processes in the past could have irreparable repercussions for the future. Is there anything we could do now to make the future more sustainable and convenient for living?

Last week together with Demos Helsinki we explored the topic of impactful future.

“Understanding future is useless if you cannot utilise it today.” – says the Damos Helsinki event page tagline on Facebook. Indeed, what we do and how we do things today immensely impacts our future. “Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them” - confirms a famous saying from Albert Einstein.

That’s why the Demos Helsinki team brings together people, teams and organisations who look to implement systemic change for the benefit of business and society. Demos Helsinki combines foresight with co-creation for the success of societies, companies and communities in the long term. The organization is looking for new ideas, new concepts, and strategic change, when old solutions become outdated.

Ambronite was a great match for the event that focuses on creativity and future-oriented solutions. Our product is a truly revolutionary real-food Drinkable Supermeal with 100% of everything. We use the best quality ingredients, and zero artificial nasties. Packed with natural goodness – organic nuts, herbs and berries – Ambronite beats hunger and gives people more time to do the things they love.

“One of the core benefits of our product is that there is no waste, whereas a big percentage of food that is produced currently is wasted.” – comments our co-founder Simo Suoheimo to Food Navigator.

We were happy to serve 200 meals to Demos Helsinki attendees. This time we decided to prepare some new recipes for the event. Although most of our team members prefer Ambronite with pure cold water, we wanted to show how easy it is to adjust Ambronite’s taste to your personal needs. Attendees were able to choose between Blueberry Ambronite with fresh Finnish blueberries and Apple Ambronite with organic apple juice.


How to climb Half Dome in Yosemite National Park at Sunrise

September 09, 2015

How to hike and climb Half Dome in Yosemite National Park, California

  1. Before coming to Yosemite, get your Wilderness Permit and Climbing Permit at least 3 days in advance.

  2. If you missed #1 and have no wilderness permit (like us), you can queue at the Wilderness Center before sunrise, sign up for the waiting list and, with some luck, score some no-show permits 

  3. Start at 2pm after the hottest time of the day and hike up to camp at Little Yosemite Valley. Start from Glacier Point for an epic view of the valley, Mt. Broderick and Liberty Cap. Take a dip in the river above Nevada Falls.

  4. Wake at 2am and hike up to Sub Dome in the moonlight. Take two Ambronite meals for energy and electrolytes (only 120g / 4.2oz a piece), at least half a gallon (2 liters) of water and a pair of high-friction leather gloves. 

  5. You should reach the final ascent by 6am. Leave extra gear at the wind shielded cracks on the Sub Dome and ascend carefully with gloves. If you forgot the gloves, you'll find some worn ones here. You'll reach the top just in time to toast to success at sunrise.

Ambronite at the Emotion Hack Day

August 31, 2015

This weekend we learnt that you can hack your emotions with a little bit of hard science & technology, just like you can hack your lunch with 1 bag of Ambronite

On August 28-29, we offered Ambronite to the participants of the Emotion Hackathon: looking at empathy, improving the quality of interaction, in digitizing and measuring emotions. Valerie from Ambronite joined the 24-hour hackathon alongside scientists and experts in the fields of neuroscience and emotion technologies.

The goal set by the organizers from Team NEMO was to enrich interaction in digital environments by finding new ways of conveying emotional information. “It is important to improve human collaboration, decrease misunderstanding, disconnection and loneliness, and to support the socio-emotional development and empathy skills of children who spend time in these environments.” Comments neuroscientist Katri Saarikivi, the main organizer.

Before the hackathon we got some food for thought from lectures given by the leading experts on the subject: Saku Tuominen (scool.fi), Esko Kilpi (http://www.kilpi.fi/) and others.

Then, we began with a simple ideation exercise, meant to boost creative thinking and collaborative teamwork. Within roughly 30 minutes we came up with some pretty awesome solutions for emotion recognition applications.

During the hackathon, participants explored the topics of empathy, interaction and emotions in digital environments. Provided with access to all kinds of gadgets - physiological sensors and software tools for analyses - the teams worked out solutions, concepts and prototypes for digitizing emotions.

We even had the researchers from Affectiva (MIT Lab), the leading provider of emotion analytics for market research applications, join the hackathon remotely to consult the attendees on emotion measurement technologies!

Ambronite had an awesome time participating in the event. The hackathon was a great opportunity to work on and build projects that can improve human interaction by using science and various technological tools.

7 healthy alternatives to soda

August 25, 2015

We all know that soda is bad, but why? The answer is simple – sugar. Energy drinks, sweetened sodas and even juices are loaded with white sugars, artificial sweeteners like sucralose and high fructose corn syrup. Can you imagine sitting down and eating 6.5 spoons of sugar? That’s exactly what you are doing when you drink a can of coke, take a look at the GIF of this man who boiled coca-cola to see how much sugar is in one bottle:

Excess sugar in snacks and drinks can lead Research has found a significant link between sugar levels and artificially sweetened soda consumption. In addition, there is evidence that high intake of sugar­-sweetened foods contributes to weight gain. Recentresearch also shows negative effects of free fructose consumption on central appetite control, as well as cognitive function.

Christopher Wanjek, author of Food at Work (Geneva, International Labour Office, 2005) recommends to substitute soda with bottled water (filtered, mineral, flavoured without sugar), tea, coffee or 100 percent fruit and vegetable juice. Let’s take a look at some healthy alternatives to soda:

#1 Spruce up your water

Don’t like the boring taste of water? Chop a few pieces of lemon, cucumber, ginger or basil and add them to you water - the flavor will change! Mint leaves will turn water into an elixir with greattherapeutic effects. You can also add strawberries for greater taste or drop in a few slices of watermelon, pineapple or any other fruit you like.

For me, a glass of lemon water has been a morning ritual for many years now. It’s refreshing and, after 15 minutes of yoga, both my body and mind feel awake. But what does science say? Firstly, lemons are packed with vitamin C (30-40 mg per lemon), B-complex, potassium, magnesium, and iron. Citrus flavonoids improve digestion and reduce inflammation, while lemon polyphenolssignificantly improve levels of serum insulin, glucose and leptin, thereby improving insulin resistance. Finally, lemons were found to be high inantioxidantslinked to anti-ageing. Give it try, you might just get addicted like I did!

#2 Kefir

Kefir is fermented cow or goat milk, made by fermenting sugars in milk using cultures of yeast and lactic acid bacteria. It has a number of health benefits. Research shows that kefir stimulates the immune system and improves digestion. It also carries anti-inflammatory and healing properties, for example, it can be useful as complementary therapy in the treatment of diabetes. In Russia, it is often used to treat ulcers and other stomach diseases. Finally it can act as a powerful antioxidant, providing higher protection against carcinogens.

#3 Kombucha

Another fermented drink, kombucha is prepared by fermenting black tea and sugar with a symbiotic culture of acetic acid bacteria and yeast. Research indicates that Kombucha may repair damage caused by environmental pollutants and could be beneficial for patients suffering from renal impairment. Furthermore, it is provento be a good treatment for atrophic gastritis and gastric ulcer disease, can help regulate blood pressure, slow ageing and prevent and treat various diseases like pneumoconiosis and lung inflammation.

#4 Seltzer Water

You can also call it sparkling or mineral water, and in either case, it will be infused with vitamins, mineral salt and carbon dioxide gas. Sparkling water lacks the calories and sugar of sweetened carbonated drinks, so it’s a great alternative if you still want to be able to drink bubbly liquids. Research has shown that 1 litre of mineral water per day reduces cholesterol.Time magazine says that sparkling water is “one of the rare instances where something you love drinking isn’t bad for you.”

*Don’t confuse this with soda water, since they have different properties, and soda water is not as healthy for you, since it contains a lot of sodium.

#5 Coconut Water

In spite of its awesome taste, coconut water is a great antioxidant and a good source of potassium. Research shows that coconut water is very helpful when maintaining proper hydration. Try it as a substitute for energy drinks when exercising!

#6 Birch Water

Another powerful antioxidant on our list, birch water is also rich with vitamin C, potassium, zinc, and copper. In addition, it contains betulin, a compound with great anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory properties. Birch water can be consumed fresh or fermented.

#7 Iced tea

In a previous post I already wrote about the benefits of tea, such as greater focus, memory and cognitive performance. Plus, iced tea is low in calories, which makes it a great alternative to sugary soda. Don’t forget that we are talking about the unsweetened stuff: 12 ounces of sweetened iced tea can have up to 125 calories, while the unsweetened equivalent has only 2 calories. Matcha, gyokuro, oolong - just pick your favorite tea flavor, then drop a few pieces of ice in your tea, or leave it in the fridge over night. You’ll see how revived your body and brain will feel.

As you see, there is a wide range of sugar-free drinks that will keep you fresh during the summer and help your body to survive the heat. Keep them in mind next time you are about to go for a coke. These can also be a great base for smoothies (except for the sparkling water, of course).

So here is a neat tea-Ambronite smoothie recipe:


Mint tea Ambronite

Lime – 3 pieces

Mint – 7 leaves

1 c of water

1 c ice cubes

Step 1:

Prepare a mint tea and let it cool down. Just pour hot water on fresh mint leaves. The more leaves you put in a cup, the stronger it will be. In Holland, they often serve it with a teaspoon of honey. If you have a sweet tooth that’s a very good match.

Step 2:

If you have a blender:

Blend the tea, lime, ice and 1 bag of Ambronite. Sprinkle with lime juice.

If you don’t have a blender:

Let the ice cubes melt in your Ambronite shaker. Strain in the tea, setting the leaves aside. Add 1 bag of Ambronite and sprinkle with lime juice. Shake well.

Step 3:

Enjoy and get re-energized!

How to be productive by listening to music

August 18, 2015

    According to my experience and recent studies, music is a useful tool for our cognition and productivity. For me, playing and listening to music plays one of the most important roles in my everyday life. It not only is a way to express myself but it’s a way for me to wake up in the mornings, fall asleep at night and fully concentrate at work during the day.

      Instead of only avoiding the boredom during repetitive work tasks, listening to music enhances your mood and the ability to concentrate and perform. I've noticed that especially in tight work spaces, for example in open offices, putting headphones on to listen to harmonious sounds is a great way to separate my thoughts from the constant chatter around me.

      Medium volume is the most optimal level to block the background noise but also to be able to hear your own thoughts. In a very noisy environment, the healthiest way to listen to music is using noise cancelling headphones. For example, Mikko in our team has been using Bose QuietComfort 20i ear-plugs and he loves them. He originally bought them for traveling and to avoid noise in a plane, but ended up using them almost every day when walking in the city center to avoid excess city noises.

        Here are some of my favorites I recommend you to try:

        • Sounds of nature: bird songs, ocean waves, mountain streams. The sounds of living in big cities have both psychological but even physical effects in your body. They change your hearing and nervous system by, for example, lowering your sensitivity to sounds and even deteriorating your organ functions. Nature's sounds have been proven to have a subconscious effect on your brain. On top of bringing joy, it calms the nerves and reduces stress thus being a great option to listen to before going to sleep.


        • Songs that you know and enjoy. Make a playlist of your favorite songs that evoke good feelings. When you are feeling positive, your brain is able to take in options more broadly. Also, when neurons process the same stimulus time and again, their response to it decreases making familiar songs more disruptive.

        • Music without lyrics. According to a study in Cambridge Sound Management, the biggest noise distraction at work is speech. Instrumental, lyric-less music can give you the same benefits without words getting you distracted.


        By exploring the options, you will end up finding the most suitable type of music for you. Youtube is full of alternatives, and I also recommend to check out Noisli.com where you can adjust the nature sounds to your own likings.

        Furthermore, you can explore how the brain can naturally be inspired to produce certain brain waves with music:

        - Alpha waves are produced by the brain while relaxed or daydreaming. This "open state of mind" is associated with long-term memory, releasing stress and increasing creativity. During alpha state your brain is the most receptive for new information. Great music especially in the mornings.

        - Beta waves are the fastest waves associated with our short-term memory, information collected through our senses. It's the state where we act quickly, focuse, learn and create - suits the workday when you want to get things done.

        - Delta waves are the slowest waves the brain produces while only automatic functions are required. Delta wave music will make you fall asleep more easily.

        I take the power of music in productivity to the next level by playing a few instruments. Practicing playing an instrument is a way for self-expression but also a full-brain workout that develops complex visual, motor and auditory skills. Also, it's been proven in many studies that playing an instrument affects the activity in the bridge between the two hemispheres. The messages get across the brain faster.

        Eventually, playing an instrument and listening to music will develop your concentration, memory, problem solving skills as well as planning and execution - the features that will make you succeed in everything you do.

        Thoughts on Ironman training and frequent travel

        August 12, 2015

        My passion for understanding health and performance as well as experimenting and pushing the limits of my body often drives me to participate in various sport events and competitions. In 2010, few years after my military service as Navy Diver I was in the search of new physical challenges and came across triathlon. A year later, I completed my first half Ironman and have been participating in Olympic and half distance triathlon races since. My last race this Summer went well with virtually no training other than the very basic strength and conditioning routines plus the daily biking commuting that I have integrated into my lifestyle. After the race I felt like it was time to take things to the next level.

        Image: Me after the half Ironman race in July.


        Last week I signed up for my first full Ironman triathlon competition. Eleven months from now, in July 2016, I will be,

        Swimming 3.8km (2.4 miles)

        Cycling 180km (112 miles)

        Running a marathon (42.2km or 26.2 miles)


        all of them consecutively, which I expect to take around 11 hours in total to complete. Having completed several half distance triathlons I’m pretty confident of my basic physique. Nevertheless, the full ironman distance will be a tough one and will challenge me to re-think my training as well as allocate more time to it in order to be able to push my body to the next level required for an Ironman.

        One of my main concern regarding the training is to integrate the entrepreneurial life filled with travel to the close to an athlete level training requirements, both in terms of quality and quantity. Especially challenging will be the travel aspect that comes with running a global business. Often you just need to be honest and admit yourself that you won’t be able to follow your training regime rigorously during periods of travel. However, setting some simple principles and tools will make a difference to your development during travel. I recently took a four day trip to Spain and had a chance to re-think the principles that I think are simple yet very important in order to keep sustain growth and development while traveling (or being otherwise challenged with work or life). Here are four basic principles that I think must be habitual in order to stay healthy and perform at peak.

        Hydrate rigorously

        Despite being the most abundant compounds on Earth, we very often end up being deficient in the two very fundamental nutrients to our body - hydrogen and oxygen - making up water. Human body is made of up to 75% of water. For the brain and muscles the ratio is even higher. Studies on human performance and physiology show that even a small dehydration can decrease your performance dramatically also impacting your immune system increase the risk of infection that should be avoided at costs. No matter how simple it seems, it can’t be stressed enough, remember to drink water during travels and plan accordingly. I always have one or two bottles in my cabin bag that I fill after the security check. Also, if tap water or public water fountains are not an option, I’m not afraid to spend dollars on bottled water. When ever you feel lousy next time whether during travel, at home or at the office think about the water balance in your body and you'll be very likely to find the cause.

        Here's Lifehacker's article on drinking enough water daily.


        Eat nutritious food

        Often during travel it is very easy to end up eating or snacking highly processed foods with low nutritional value served at the airports, airplanes or other vehicles. Sometimes even at my hotel in the center of a large city, it is very difficult for me to find anything decent to eat. Not only the meals you end up finding are usually bad but also expensive. I think of my spending on food as an investment and in terms of nutritional value and quality per dollar. So I prefer to spend $10 on a small salad with nutritionally dense foods like quinoa and spinach to a big $5 sandwich or burger with bun and cheese. I often prioritize just enjoying plain water instead of crappy snacks that contain ingredients I'm not comfortable putting in my body (for instance, flavourings, many sweeteners or added sugars in beverages). The challenge of finding a proper meal while traveling, was one of the main reasons I wanted to develop Ambronite in the first place. It has really made my life easier and better especially during travel giving me more time to work, read and explore during my travels since I only need a bottle of water to get properly nourished and satisfied.

        Check out a video clip of me enjoying Ambronite supermeal on a flight.

        Stay active

        While being on the go and staying in hotels and hostels with limited exercise equipment and facilities I have a few simple strength and conditioning exercises that I can do very quickly to ensure my body stays active. This helps me to work towards my goals or at least maintain performance even if time is limited. Staying active is important, not only during travel but in everyday life, and having one or two simple movements that activate your body as much of as possible help a lot. Long streaks of physical inactivity can be very detrimental not only to your training progress but to health as well. Decide on a few simple exercises or movements that you enjoy. I like pushups and squats since they can be done anywhere. I often complement those strength movements with mobility training like Ido Portal squat routine found here. With little online research and experimentation it is easy to find movements that you like and fit your goals. Most important is to keep yourself active to keep the functions in your body running If you feel like it you can choose to stretch yourself by for instance focusing on the weaknesses in your conditioning and mobility work. For instance, to develop my physique and running performance during travels I often work on hip, hamstring and quadriceps flexibility by doing a 15min flexibility workout daily. 

        Image: Bodyweight strength training plus simple travel friendly strength and mobility equipment. 


        Train your mind

        All successful athletes focus also on mental training. One of the most often used techniques is visualization where you imagine and feel the movements without actually moving which then helps you perform well in real situation. I think another powerful way to improve your performance is to review and reflect your training and progress as well as learn new ways to approach your next training session. Long-flights are perfect for this. Even if you are not a serious athlete or don’t really train for any particular sport mental practice and meditation has been shown to benefit your general productivity and increase happiness. Also, many successful people like Arnold Schwarzenegger practise or have practised meditation. Next time traveling, instead of watching some nonsense movies for the entire flight, try taking 10-20 minutes for practising your mind. I personally use and like Headspace app which makes practising very simple with clear guidelines and illustrative videos. The guys at Headspace have partnered with Virgin Atlantic Airline so they even have the app integrated to their fleet (Check out Headspace, you can try 10 days for free). Finally, one very simple technique to get you started is to just focus on your breath for one minute - just feel the oxygen from the air nourishing your body.

        These four principles are very simple yet powerful; hydrate rigorously, eat nutritious meals, stay active and train your mind. I believe they ensure that my body is functioning properly during stressed periods. Even if they won’t ensure quick gains they help the body to recover well and stay free of illnesses being ready to train hard again once you get back home. In fact, even if you don't travel these few principles will help you stay healthier and perform better in your everyday life. Challenge yourself. For just one day, try to be mindful of these principles.


        Enjoy your travels,



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