Ambronite Celebrating Active Nation Day

October 10, 2014

On Sunday, September 28th, lots of active and healthy people gathered to celebrate Lorna Jane’s Active Nation Day. Events took place all around the world. In Finland, exercise lovers enjoyed their Sunday at a brand new fitness center in the heart of Helsinki, Elixia Kamppi. The purpose of Active Nation Day is to inspire women to be active and live the best quality of life, which is something we at Ambronite also strongly believe in.

During the event, we spread our inspiration about healthy lifestyles by talking with people, who share our ideas and vision about good life. Arno gave a speech on “You Are What You Eat” and introduced the key elements of Ambronite’s story and philosophy. We handed out samples of the latest edition of our Ambronite Supermeal, and just as we hoped, it sparked some very interesting conversations in the crowd. This is how we receive valuable feedback about the taste and structure of Ambronite, and also get new ideas for its use.

The Active Nation Day concept was launched two years ago and it seems that people are genuinely interested and inspired by the vision it spreads. This is something that makes us at Ambronite happy, because we want to see and experience a healthier and more active world, where people go after the impossible.

Enjoy life and follow your dreams,

Arno & Assi

Thank you Dig Eat All and adios San Sebastian!

October 07, 2014

Five weeks in San Sebastian, Spain and it feels as if time has flown by at the speed of lightning. While it seems like we just got here, much has happened during the Dig Eat All acceleration program. We got a wealth of tips from many experienced entrepreneurs. Special thanks goes out to Iker Marcaide, Chris Muscarella, Jon Tien and Xavier Orriols, whose presentations and mentoring I personally learned a lot from. 

I'm happy to say that Dig Eat All was a very unique experience. First of all, having a very specific focus on the food industry deepens the relationship between the teams and enables you to learn from each other, more than in a traditional accelerator. Secondly, Dig Eat All was truly special, since it brought together international teams and placed them within the relaxed lifestyle of San Sebastian. The teams were from four different continents, spanning the world over, from Australia to the U.S. and from Hong Kong to Thailand. San Sebastian is very peaceful, which let me have the right environment to focus and be productive, without being stressed at all. 

Tip of the Iceberg was an amazing extra-curricular program the Dig Eat All guys had put together. It included activities such as a morning hike with Edurne Pasaban, the first woman to reach all eight thousand peaks in the world; or enjoying dinner, drinks and playing guitar with Chef Andoni Aduriz, whose Mugaritz restaurant has been ranked 6th best in the world.

Finally, Ambronite team sends the warmest of hugs and gratitude to Leire Mancisidor, who was responsible for organizing the Dig Eat All experience during 5 weeks. It wouldn't have been such a wonderful experience without the way Leire took care of the program and each team's needs, always with a smile and kindness.  

If you are a co-founder at a food startup, I really recommend Dig Eat All and will be happy to share my experience in more detail.

Enjoying the beach final last time. Adios San Sebastian -- I'll be back!

- Mikko

Ambronite selected to join the Dig Eat All food accelerator

September 08, 2014

Ambronite was selected to join the Dig Eat All acceleration program, designed specifically for food tech start-ups. We just finished our first week in San Sebastian, Spain and we're extremely impressed. The program is held in the ultra-modern facilities at the Basque Culinary Center. Dig Eat All provides both business and research & development expertise, and we're especially excited about their insights on our recipe development (as you can see in the photos above).

With over 100 international applicants, Ambronite was one of the eleven teams selected to join the program. We're honoured to be part of such an enthusiastic group of people. An eclectic group of entrepreneurs from around the world, who are innovating in a variety of areas, from 3D food printers and mobile payment apps to superfood snacks, private chefs to your home and locally produced food. For example, if you fancy meeting new people, while eating great food, there is Feastly. One team is even making ice cream that can be exported in liquid format, thus eliminating the cold-chain. This is an amazing experience for Ambronite, and the location, Spain, has so much to offer!

Are you from Spain and interested in Ambronite? We'd love to hear from you. Stay tuned for more photos and updates on our progress in the program.

- Mikko

Ambronite topped $100k and became the most-funded food product on Indiegogo!

July 29, 2014

Our campaign is finally completed, thanks once more! We raised $102,824 USD together with 800 backers around the world, and broke the Indiegogo all-time record for crowd funded food products. Over half of the backers came from the U.S. and the next most backers came from Finland. Without you we wouldn't be where we are now.

We will produce the whole crowdfunding batch of Ambronite in Finland, unlike initially planned. We look forward to opening the US production next year. Of course, we will still keep our promise of free shipping to the US (in addition to Finland) even though the cost for us is heavy. All backers will receive further instruction during the next few weeks from Backerkit, which we use to manage crowdfunding orders.

Super exciting greetings from the Ambronite team.

Ambronite covered by TIME Magazine

June 11, 2014

Great news! We're happy to tell that Ambronite was just featured on TIME Magazine by Alexandra Sifferlin who covers all things health-related on TIME. Alexandra appreciated the fact that Ambronite's recipe contains real food ingredients instead of fake stuff or powdered supplements.

Alexandra's favorite recipe was Ambronite with orange juice and her colleague Kelly Conniff commented that Ambronite tastes like a smoothie she made herself.

Read the piece here:

- Simo

Ambronite at Upgraded Life Festival

June 11, 2014

Mikael Mäkinen from Four Sigma Foods tasting Ambronite

We took part in the Upgraded Life Festival in Finland, which is the biggest two-day conference in the field of  health, wellness, biohacking, wearables, quantified self and internet of things. The two days were packed with keynote speakers and innovative companies in the field.

We handed out over 100 samples of Ambronite and ran out of them in a few hours. We blended a special mix of Ambronite with avocado with some ginger and cocoa milk - a savory fan favorite with a hint of bitterness to top off the smooth flavor. Many festival guests came back for another cup.

Our crowdfunding campaing will be running for three more weeks. We just topped $70,000 and are getting closer to our first stretch goal: sending out free recipe booklets at $80,000. Exciting times!

- Mikko


Campaign goal reached!

May 13, 2014

Ambronite crowdfunding goal on Indiegogo topped $50k

Dear friends, Thanks to your overwhelming support, we topped our $50 000 crowdfunding with flying colors a mere week after launching - and even got featured in Indiegogo newsletter to hundreds of thousands of crowdfunding enthusiasts - Hooray!

Your support has been humbling and we want to extend our warm thanks to everyone who has helped us out. Thanks to you, our journey through our first week of crowdfunding has been exciting and eventful to say the least.

Help us reach $80 000 and we’ll give everyone Ambronite Recipe Booklets

As it stands, our Indiegogo campaign is at around $55 000. However, this is just the beginning: Our next goal is to reach $80 000 and if we do, everyone will get a special Ambronite Recipe Booklet shipped with their order free of charge. It will be crammed full of delicious recipes, ingredient insights and some favourite tips and ideas from our fans.

- Simo

ArsTechnica: “Ambronite package provided a whole hell of a lot of satiety”

May 06, 2014

ArsTechnica was eager to try out Ambronite. We were happy to send Lee Hutchinson three one-meal bags of Ambronite to make a review. Lee wrote an extensive article about Ambronite, and especially liked how much satiety Ambronite brings:

“An entire package provided a whole hell of a lot of satiety -- I drank an Ambronite packet for lunch and didn’t find myself feeling any hunger at all until dinnertime approached.”

Read & Tweet Lee’s great piece over here:

- Simo


Ambronite crowdfunding campaign is LAUCHED!

May 05, 2014

It all started one year ago. There wasn’t a single food product out there that would’ve met our standards of healthy eating in a hurry. We first set out to create something for ourselves, our friends got excited, then served it in Restaurant Day, and finally produced an early beta batch for our first fans. The feedback was encouraging.

Now, after a year of hard work and after countless recipe iterations, we’re happy to say that we’ve crafted something totally unique. A unique, novel way of eating. A drinkable meal that allows you to focus on your passion and lead a healthier lifestyle. A supermeal that sustains your energy, fulfills daily nutrition recommendations, doesn’t give you a sugar crash and simply makes you smile. 

Now, we’d like to invite you to break boundaries with us. We've just launched our crowdfunding campaign 4 hours ago, and already have over 8,000$ pledged in total. It's a great start to our campaign goal of 50,000$. It’s your chance to get a fresh batch of Ambronite delivered to you. For the last hectic four days before launch, I've had Ambronite for every meal, and feel better than ever. The taste with new organic oats recipe is simply delicious and the sustainable energy you get is amazing.

It's time for my Ambronite lunch now :)

Cheers and see our campaign here:

- Mikko

Filming our crowdfunding video

February 24, 2014

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife! Ambronite Gorilla unleashed!

Our Ambronite Gorilla escaped the Supermeal Headquarters and headed out to wreak havoc on the fair people of San Francisco. We did our best to keep up with our green team member and his pranks with a camera.

Shooting the crowdfunding video for Ambronite has been the wackiest and funniest week so far. Going around San Francisco in a gorilla suit with green Indiegogo-branded shades made attracted surprised smiles and laughs everywhere we went.

Simo did some stunts on the fire safety ladders on the 12th floor of our building and jumped in through the window a few times. We might have scared the folks at our office in Rocket Space a wee bit.Oops.

We had a great week of fooling around with tons of people. Big thanks to Jasu and Mikko, our block-rocking video crew from Über, and to everyone who shared this crazy week with us: Ari, Pyry, Karoliina, Juha-Matti, Lauri, Raimo, Jasmin, Keke, Michelle and everyone else who joined in for the fun!

A message to the general public: Sit tight and hide the bananas. When released, the Ambronite Gorilla is unstoppable!

- Mikko