Pro tip for the perfect Ambronite meal from our community

June 19, 2015

Hi, all!

Many of you have shared tips on how you like to mix your Ambronite. Here’s a great one: Add very cold water into the shaker before AND after pouring in your Drinkable Supermeal for even faster mixing. 

The newly-launched Ambronite version three mixes faster and produces a smoother texture than ever before. This is thanks to recipe improvements such as replacing walnuts with a fine, special flax seed quality.  

After a few dozen vigorous shakes, let your Ambronite sit in the shaker for a minute or two for an even smoother texture. This allows the flax and pre-gelatinized oats to activate and bring the smoothness to your Supermeal. 

Keep on shaking!



Serving Ambronite v3 at Graffathon

June 15, 2015

Last week was quite busy for us in terms of events.The Graffathon hackathon at the Startup Sauna followed right behind the Tomorrow Conference, where we served nearly 70 new Ambronite v3s.


The Graffathon is a 3-day computer graphics event that targets people with basic math and programing skills. This one, was the second hackathon of this kind. Here, participants learnt to create a computer program that produces a non-interactive multimedia presentation, also known as a demo.

Supported by Futurice and Nvidia, the event was aimed at real beginners, who had no prior graphics coding or demoscene experience. The program included a number of useful presentations and workshops, such as 3D graphics with Processing - A gentle introduction to 3D rendering by Antti Hirvonen or Modeling and Texturing with Emil Lindfors. In addition, participants were exposed to the basics of demoscene and democulture.

To our pleasant surprise, almost everyone at the hackathon knew about Ambronite and has been following our progress on Facebook, Instagram, etc. Many people told us they’ve been waiting for the opportunity to try out the new v3. In fact, our first batch of 50 meals beetled off in the first half an hour.

“The taste has improved greatly. I’m going to get a few meals!” – commented one of the participants, while grabbing a meal for a teammate. “We’ll be working hard for the next couple of days, and will need some brain boosters”.

The atmosphere at the event was quite geeky, just as it should be at a hackathon. Graffathon participants spent 3 full days programming, almost non-stop, with occasional breaks - for beers and of course, Ambronite.

Ambronite at the Tomorrow Conference

June 11, 2015

On June 10, the Helsinki Music Centre and Reaktor invited everyone to the Tomorrow Conference. They gathered entrepreneurs, business speakers, innovators and experts from around the world.

Attendees got first-hand access to thought provoking and inspirational talks from world-class thinkers and makers like Jane McGonigal, an American game designer, author and TED speaker, and Nassim Nicholas Taleb, a Lebanese-American scholar and risk analyst. The event covered topics ranging from driving individual and societal change to managing uncertainty and reinventing leadership.

Jane McGonigal, gave a talk on the Benefits of Gameful Mindset. Jane believes that the use of gaming technology will channel positive attitudes and collaboration in a real world context. She wants to see a game developer get nominated for the Nobel Prize. Jane speaks about gamers, creativity, engagement and the feeling of empowerment, being able to take risks. Creativity, according to Jane, comes from emotions, not from natural endowment.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb gave a presentation he calls, Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder. He is a well-known Lebanese-American scholar and risk analyst, professor at several Universities including the New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering, author of The Black Swan, described by the Sunday Times as one of the twelve most influential books since World War II. “Probably the most fascinating element of Taleb’s way of thinking is the amount of hope he delivers.” – writes Elina Lepomäki, a Member of The Finnish Parliament about Taleb’s talk.

After the inspiring and truly empowering presentations, we served the new Ambronite V3 during the after party. The attendees were truly amazed with the new taste. “It tastes really healthy” – comments Teemu, Helsinki-based fashion designer. “Finally tried all natural Ambronite, tastes very good” – writes Dana from Russia on her Instagram.

Thanks to everyone who visited our stand at the Tomorrow Conference, it was a pleasure to have you there!

Ambronite v3 - new recipe launched!

June 03, 2015

The new Ambronite v3 includes a new recipe, new packaging and an Ambronite booklet!

We're excited to launch the newest, third version of the Drinkable Supermeal. Ambronite v3 tastes better than ever and has improved packaging. We've also included an Ambronite booklet packed with stuff to help you make the most of your Ambronite experience, like stories from our users and recipe ideas.

New recipe brings a new taste and better mixability

Ambronite tastes better than ever before. We've been able to remove the small bitterness from the aftertaste while bringing more healthy fatty acids into the recipe.  

One of the major changes we made is changing one of our key fatty acid sources. By replacing walnuts with a fine quality of organic flaxseed, we've improved both taste, structure, mixability and the nutritional profile.

Great taste: The new recipe simply tastes better. The previous versions' slight bitterness in the aftertaste is gone, and replaced with a slightly sweeter, more fulfilling taste. 

Even more healthy fatty acids: On the nutritional side, the omega 6 to 3 fatty acid ratio has been improved, thanks to the omega 3 content of flaxseed. 

Smoother mouthfeel: Flax seed contains water-soluble fibers that have numerous benefits for digestion and satiety. We've cold-milled the seeds into a fine powder to keep their excellent properties intact. When mixed with water or any liquid, the flax in the new recipe gives Ambronite a smoother texture.

A bit of sweetness: With organic apple and organic lucuma fruit, the recipe is a bit sweeter, like you've wished for in our feedback rounds. This makes your Supermeals tastier and highlights the fresh flavours of the blackcurrants, wild bilberries and other ingredients, while only increasing the amount of fructose by 1 gram per meal. 

Sturdy, water and scratch proof packs

The new 10-meal packs are more compact and sturdy. The new structure is more sustainable and takes up less space and material.

Also, the one-meal bag has been improved. The material is completely water and scratch proof, and will stay in great shape in your backpack. We've put the bags through some brutal wear and tear and haven't managed to break them.

The Ambronite versions so far

It's over two years now since we started to experiment with the first Ambronite recipes. We've rigorously created new versions with our network of experts and tested countless of iterations with our community, before producing each version to a wider audience. Here are the main recipes so far:

  • V1: The crowdfunding batch
  • V2: The spring 2015 batch with new oats for better mixability
  • V3: June 2015 batch with flaxseed for better taste

We've been fortunate to have a great community around us who've been able to develop the recipe with. We've organized bi-monthly tasting sessions with our fans to fine-tune the taste while always still sticking to our philosophy and helping busy people live life to the fullest with our real food Drinkable Supermeal.  Thanks to all of you who have participated.

Update two-weeks after the launch: if you rather listen what's new in Ambronite v3, click above!

Take your life to the Ambronite level:

Grab your unfair advantage and order Ambronite v3 from our webshop now.

- Simo & Mikko & Arno 

Ambronite served at Data Science hackathon at Futurice

June 01, 2015

Silja and Valerie from our team paid a visit to Futurice, a company developing online and mobile software. On May 29, Futurice hosted the Data Science hackathon at their headquarters. The hackathon was a part of the Nordic Open Data Week, a joint Nordic effort to make open data more tangible to citizens, as well as private and public sectors.

The main goal of the event was to bring together researchers and programmers and enable them to find new ways of collaborating on data science. We were eager to serve our Ambronite supermeals to data scientists, helping them to reach optimal productivity at work and problem solving.

The dataset used in this hackathon included nearly the entire Suomi24 database. Suomi24 is an online forum that has run various discussions between 2001-2015 that hosts 1.9 million monthly visitors and is home to thousands of posts totaling over 120 million words. Studying this amount of data in a comprehensive way using traditional methods from social science or humanities is rather a cumbersome task!

Over the weekend, the teams worked on particular research problems, elaborating solutions and demos to crack them, to find out more about the Finnish society and human behavior online. The event also hosted lectures by researchers Krista Lagus, Mika Pantzar, Lauri Eloranta and more.

When we asked Futurice what they thought of our product, Olli Rissanen, software engineer at Futurice, told us: “Ambronite really does what it’s meant to – it keeps the hunger away and it’s full of nutrients that are essential for my work”

“It would be nice to have Ambronite at our office kitchen permanently” – adds his colleague Markus Berg, Design Director at Futurice.

Ambronite culture - What's it like to work at Ambronite?

May 04, 2015

Transforming ideas into action

At Ambronite, we're open to put great ideas into action. In addition to talking to experienced people, I read quite a lot of books. I feel that I can learn a lot from books when I read a right book at the right time. I measure the quality of business literature in the amount of “action points” it generates to my todo list. When fundraising, Venture Deals is great. To understand more about recruiting, I’ve got great ideas from Hiring for Attitude and How to Hire A-players. I usually finish a book in 2 days. That means I can spend a whole day reading one book. This usually happens during the weekend or when I’m travelling.

Delivering Happiness 

I recently read Delivering Happiness, a book by Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh. It had a huge impact on me. Delivering Happiness is partly a personal biography of Tony Hsieh, a history of his first venture LinkExchange, and most importantly, it tells the story behind Zappos and its special company culture. Actually the book was so great that I ordered it to our new team members Valerie and Silja and encouraged them to use their working time to read it.

If you're a startup co-founder, Delivering Happiness should be next on your reading list. It definitely generated “actions point” to my todo list. I'll give you an example:

Discovering Ambronite company culture

Culture exists in every organization. The questions is whether it is recognized, nourished and cultivated to its ultimate potential. In the spirit of Tony Hsieh I sent out the following email to our Ambronite team:

"Hi all,

As I mentioned yesterday in the weekly meeting, we’ll be putting together a small mini-book about Ambronite culture, which we can use internally and for e.g. in recruiting. Ambronite culture is the combination of all of the team members’ ideas about the culture, so we’d like to include everyone’s thoughts in this mini-book.

Please email me 100-500 words about what Ambronite culture means to you. (What is Ambronite culture? What’s different about it compared to other company cultures? What do you like about our culture?)

We will compile everyone’s contribution into the mini-book. The idea is that when I get all of your responses, I’ll simply put them together, and distribute the whole package back to you transparently.

Also, please don’t talk to anyone about what you will be writing or what anyone else wrote. We want to know what Ambronite culture means to you specifically, as it will be different for everyone. Remember, there are no wrong answers here.

- Mikko"

Download Ambronite Culture Mini-Book

Sharing is caring - here's the Ambronite Culture Mini-Book for you to download (PDF). The answers are provide as is, without any rewriting. Only small spelling errors have been fixed.

There is a distinct Ambronite Culture:

A key finding for me was to realize that we had many same ideas in different wording. There is a distinct Ambronite culture. I got affirmation to some of my own thoughts when I compiled our team's writings on paper.

To sum it up, Ambronite is a way of life to its team members. We strive to make everyone’s lives healthier, happier and more enjoyable. Leading a healthy and adventurous lifestyle is part of the vibe at Ambronite. If you prefer weekly pizzas and Friday beers to team adventure days or a stand up paddling trip with the team, Ambronite probably wouldn’t be a great fit for you.

Trust and a getting-things-done mentality was another point that popped up on everybody’s answer. We trust in our team members’ decisions and evaluations. That means autonomy for everyone to find the best way to get work done. Whether it’s working from a cafeteria, having walking meeting or having a nap on the sofa, it’s up to you. That doesn't mean you'd need to work alone. Family spirit is part of our culture, and there is always somebody to get support from.

A small team needs many talents. This leaves room for professional growth and discovering and developing skills you didn’t know to had. I was glad to notice that even though things get pretty hectic sometimes, people feel that there’s a playground to try, experiment and make mistakes, too.

What did this lead to?

It’s only been a few days since we got it compiled together, so it’s still too early to say. However, the process already brought up some areas that need development, too. Having the culture book in front of you helps having an honest discussion.

I'm sure this won't be our last exercise related to nourishing Ambronite culture. If you're a startup founder and you'd like to learn more, I'm happy to help & give additional pointers. Just drop me an email at 

PS. We’re recruiting full-time Full-Stack Online Marketer (San Francisco Bay Area, US).

- Mikko

First feedback from reorderers

May 04, 2015

We've got plenty of reorderers recently which is great! I reached out to first ones to learn a bit more about how people use the product. It's been amazing to read the stories how Ambronite saves people days. Hope this serves as an inspiration how to use Ambronite. Few of the most interesting ones:

"Previously Ambronite saved my day two minutes to a taxi pickup when I was hungry. Normally, I have Ambronite for lunch time when working from home. Nearby restaurants are not very good and are quite far away. Ambronite has replaced occasional use of convenience foods in this situation", says Mika from Finland.

"Ambronite saves my day every morning because I'm late for work and I only have time to shake my ambronite and drink it while walking to work. No idea what else I could have for breakfast so quickly... I used to starve until lunch, not anymore.", says Tom from Swizerland.

"I throw together my magic potion, using one cup of water and one cup of apple juice, then blend in a cup of blueberries. Fantastic!", says Mark from Washington, US.

Amazing to hear these stories :-) Keep em coming!

- Mikko

Ambronite in space

April 13, 2015

On 10-12 of April Ambronite joined NASA SpaceApps Challenge, a two-day hackathon where teams of technologists, scientists, designers, educators, entrepreneurs, artists, developers and students from all over the world unite forces to design innovative solutions for global challenges.

During the weekend over 50 people from various backgrounds were competing for the global prize - a live spot to NASA’s space launch. The event hosted amazing keynote speakers, who inspired the participants with personal stories and provided facts needed to complete the project. We were there to help the space hackers to achieve their dream by offering free meals for better brainwork.

The winner of the Space hackathon was team LiftOff. A team of 4 designed and prototyped a game aimed at children where they learn how to launch rockets in space. The user’s mission is to launch a rocket by following real guidelines set by NASA.

It's hard to describe how thrilled we were to see that LiftOff chose Ambronite to be one of the elements of the spacecraft launch.

In our opinion Ambronite was an essential component when living in outer space”, comments Ornela Bardhi, Computer Science student and a member of the LiftOff team.

- Valerie

Valerie and Silja join Ambronite team

April 02, 2015

Ambronite team - Mikko, Valerie, Simo, Silja and Arno

We're pleased to welcome Valerie Vlasenko and Silja Suoheimo to the Ambronite team. 

Valerie will be taking care of our community and fans on social media. She's also been preparing an Ambronite booklet and you can expect her exceptional assistance when contacting our Ambronite Customer Happiness. Valerie is passionate about everything related to art, sustainability, health, aerospace, yoga and she speaks 6 languages.

Silja will be joining the Ambronite Customer Happiness and will help you make the most of your Ambronite experience. She is passionate about music and plays several instruments, including the piano in a popular live band. 

We're stunned to have such a talent in our team. Let's welcome both Silja & Valerie to the drinkable meal movement!

- Simo



Ambronite orders now ship immediately!

March 02, 2015

All aboard, drinkable supermeals now ship instantly!

We're proud to announce that Ambronite orders are now fulfilled and shipped right away! This means that all orders will ship on the next business day, at the latest. We have plenty of Ambronite now in our warehouse waiting to fill your stomach and energize your day.

Have a tasty week!

- Simo


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