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"I live a busy life of a startup founder that comes with a prescription of strange working hours. I lived one week solely with Ambronite shake, and it was a great and healthy fix for busy moments!"

Ari Tulla, CEO at BetterDoctor - Read Ari's Ambronite experiences on BetterDoctor blog!

"I enjoy Ambronite during busy mornings. It feels wholesome and stops my stomach rumbling. I appreciate Ambronite's nutritional values and awesome natural ingredients. My favorite recipe is Ambronite with coconut water and blueberries"

Rajdeep Gahir, International Expansion Lead at WeWork

"I'm always optimizing my time and want to spend more time on things I like. With cooking, you always spend more time on preparing food than actually eating it, and you need to eat, everyday. Ambronite solves this problem. It gives me plenty of time for doing the things I love. "

Jon Åslund, Software Developer at Spotify

"Ambronite gives me the energy to live my dream. As an entrepreneur and fitness instructor I need the best food in the world. Ambronite is a drinkable supermeal, unlike any meal replacement I've tried before. It makes me feel good and I love it!”

Tiina Vainio, CEO and Founder of Saunayoga

Want more time, choice and freedom?

Ambronite is an organic drinkable meal that contains 100% of everything. It fulfills daily nutrition guidelines with healthy ingredients in 2 minutes.

Ambronite gives you more productive hours every week. It's more than a traditional meal replacement - that's why we call it a drinkable supermeal.

Using Ambronite is easy

1. Add Ambronite

2. Add cold water

3. Shake

4. Get refuelled

Ambronite Blog

Pro tip for the perfect Ambronite meal from our community

June 19, 2015

Hi, all!Many of you have shared tips on how you like to mix your Ambronite. Here’s a great one: Add very cold water into the shaker before AND after pouring in your Drinkable Supermeal for even faster mixing.  The newly-launched Ambronite version three mixes faster and produces a smoother texture than ever before. This is thanks to recipe improvements such as replacing walnuts with a fine, special flax seed quality.   After a few dozen vigorous shakes, let your Ambronite sit in the shaker for a minute or two for an even smoother texture. This allows the flax and pre-gelatinized oats to activate and bring the smoothness to your Supermeal.  Keep on shaking! Simo   Continue Reading →

Serving Ambronite v3 at Graffathon

June 15, 2015

Last week was quite busy for us in terms of events.The Graffathon hackathon at the Startup Sauna followed right behind the Tomorrow Conference, where we served nearly 70 new Ambronite v3s. Graffathon The Graffathon is a 3-day computer graphics event that targets people with basic math and programing skills. This one, was the second hackathon of this kind. Here, participants learnt to create a computer program that produces a non-interactive multimedia presentation, also known as a demo. Supported by Futurice and Nvidia, the event was aimed at real beginners, who had no prior graphics coding or demoscene experience. The program included a number of useful presentations and workshops, such as 3D graphics with Processing - A gentle introduction to 3D rendering... Continue Reading →


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