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"I live a busy life of a startup founder that comes with a prescription of strange working hours. I lived one week solely with Ambronite, and it was a great and healthy fix for busy moments!"

Ari Tulla, CEO at BetterDoctor - Read Ari's Ambronite experiences on BetterDoctor blog!

"Ambronite gives me the energy to live my dream. As an entrepreneur and fitness instructor I need the best food in the world. Ambronite is a drinkable supermeal, unlike anything I’ve tried before. It makes me feel good and I love it!”

Tiina Vainio, CEO and Founder of Saunayoga

"Ambronite is a must-have to anyone like me who wants a healthy, nutritionally optimal meal that only takes 180 seconds to prepare and enjoy. I value health, time, and nourishing food. Ambronite allows me to combine all three in a way that wasn't possible before."

Joonas Satka, Shop Manager

"Ambronite is an unmatched complete lunch for an active person like me. Whether at work or exercising, it's easy to mix and gives me natural energy throughout the day."

Karoliina Heikkilä, Investment Banker, Fitness Enthusiast

Introducing Ambronite

A Healthy and Time Saving Solution. Get Better Results From Organic and All Natural Ingredients.

How to Use Ambronite

1. Add Ambronite

2. Add cold water

3. Shake

4. Get refuelled

Ambronite Blog

Meet Simo, one of the founders of Ambronite

November 11, 2014

This is the first post of a series where fans can learn more about the Ambronite team. We interview each other one-on-one, and keep it as open and honest as possible. The first post of the series is Simo's interview written by Mikko. During the journey with Ambronite, I have had the chance to get to know Simo, my co-founder and friend, and we’ve had many interesting conversations outside of work. I think one of the best parts about being an entrepreneur is that you can choose the people you work with. It's truly been a privilege to be able to work with Simo and our other outstanding team members. I decided to sit down with Simo to have a chat... Continue Reading →

A glimpse at Ambronite's R&D session

November 07, 2014

Many of you are curious about how we develop our recipe and manufacture Ambronite. Here's a brief post about how we do it. You are what you eat First of all, we have one fundamental belief and guideline at Ambronite: You are what you eat. You should give your body everything it needs and nothing it doesn’t. This leads to our core principles in recipe development: All the essential nutrients to fuel your body and mind by fulfilling daily nutrition recommendations Carefully selected high-quality organic ingredients No artificial additives, flavourings, preservatives or other nasties These are values that all of the Ambronite co-founders already shared before we started the company. We asked ourselves would it be possible to have all the essential nutrients from one drink without adding a vitamin... Continue Reading →